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The ultimate bedroom suites guide!

Bedroom suites is a term used to refer to the bed, the nightstand, and whatever furniture goes with it. Simply put, it consists of a set of matching or coordinating room furniture that usually consists of the bed, the dresser, the chest of drawers, and even the nightstand. Bedroom suites offer all the functionality you would look for in a bedroom. They provide all the comfort and convenience of a functional room.

Turning your Bedroom into a Bedroom Suite

Not every bedroom is a bedroom suite. However, you can change your bedroom into a suite while staying on a budget. Small changes in your bedroom will make it go from ordinary to extraordinary! You might be thinking that this transition may not be possible while staying within budget, but that is not true.

Luxury Bedroom Suites

You may have come across pictures of dream homes in interior design magazines or brochures that have large bedroom suites. Having a dream bedroom is everyone’s desire, and it can be very much possible. You can do it while staying on budget and without having to add on square footage. If the master bedroom of your home is smaller in size as compared to the ones you see in magazines, you can still have the wow factor in it. The thing is that suites don’t necessarily have to be big in size for them to feel like a retreat.

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Changing Your Bedroom into a Bedroom Suite

The first thing to consider when changing your bedroom into a suite is the style you want to incorporate. You can go with a modern farmhouse style or Hollywood Regency style or any style in between. Also, you don’t necessarily need to have a large room for the suite to feel like a retreat. The good thing to know is that if you have DIY skills, you can easily change your bedroom into a bedroom suite on a weekend project. This is how you can make it possible:

Use of Bedding – Use of the right bedding is the first step in changing your bed bedroom to a suite. The bed is considered the centerpiece and focal point of the room. By adding the right layers, you can bring the wow factor. Start with a light and fluffy duvet insert that works for your climate. You can buy a duvet or cover at any retailer in your area.

After the duvet, you need to focus on the pillows. The right pillows will make the bed more inviting. Experiment with different shaped and sized pillows to create a layered look.

Bedroom Lighting – Another important element to focus on in the bedroom is bedroom lighting. Bedroom suite lighting is placed thoughtfully and is adjustable and will make the room look beautiful. You can even start by installing a dimmer for ultimate control of the overhead lighting.

Seating – After the lighting, you need to focus on the seating. Whether it is a pair of stools or a single upholstered chair tucked in the corner of the room, adding seating will change the entire look and functionality of the room.

Other elements to consider as part of the ultimate bedroom suites guide are the curtains and rug as well.

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