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Genuine Leather Home Theatre Seating #1897 with 3 power recliner, available now

Genuine Leather Home Theatre Seating #1897 with 3 power recliner, available now

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The Microgiant Home Theatre is intensely crafted with passion, each of its double-stitched diamond patterns flow into the next, each adding to this entirely unique masterpiece, ready to glare back with its peerless gaze from the center of your home theater in either a striking black, or smooth brown.

An impossibly perfect interconnected design between each of its independent, silent motor mechanisms gives smooth, effortless recline, headrest, and lumbar adjustments, each leading to the Enigma never failing to give you true supremacy in deep comfort. As you watch your movies, it’s internal Soundshaker™ transducers will activate, shaking the chair, and your world, all synchronized with the timing, and intensity of the action you see on your screen; just add the required Soundshaker Amplifier. But the Enigma has so much more;

Its black chrome LED cupholders, free black tray table, USB Charging Stations, high tensile threads, and chilling LED sapphire lights that peer from beneath its base, are all at your command in a chair that offers the functionality of entire living rooms in a single, extremely comfortable seat.

Size: Single chair with 2 arms: 95cmwx86-168cm deepx110cmH.

         2 seater with 2 arms: 156cmwx86-168cm deepx110cmH,

          2 seater with 3 arms: 173cmwx86-168cm deepx110cmH

          3 seater with 4 arms: 251cmwx86-168cm deepx110cmH

          4 seater with 4 arms: 312cmx86-168cm deepx110cmH

 Requiring distance from the headboard to wall is around 13cm.

#1897 Home Theatre include:

  • Genuine Leather match PVC at low-wear parts
  • ComfortView Power Headrests
  • ComfortView Power Lumbar
  • Powered By Soundshaker
  • Perforated Backrest & Seating
  • USB Charging Station
  • Hidden In-Arm Storage
  • LED Lighted Cupholders
  • Ambient Base Lighting
  • Chaiselounger Footrest
  • Power Recliner.

please email us if you are interested in the Microgiant Home theatre sofa

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